Baithak School Excels at Seaview Park Karachi Flower Show 2024

Subheading: Celebrating Baithak School’s Third Prize Win with ‘Maholiati Baithak’ Performance

Baithak School stood out at the recent Karachi Flower Show held at Seaview Park, securing third place for their captivating performance titled ‘Maholiati Baithak.’ Amidst a stunning display of flowers, Baithak School’s talent stole the spotlight.

The students’ performance tackled important environmental issues, sparking conversations about sustainability and caring for the environment. Their skit, delivered with passion and skill, deeply moved the audience and earned them well-deserved recognition.

This achievement highlights Baithak School’s dedication to nurturing eco-friendly practices and supporting young talent. Through creative expression, Baithak School demonstrates how education can drive positive change.

Join us in celebrating Baithak School’s success and helping us in our mission to provide education to all, especially in Pakistan’s slum communities. Together, let’s build a brighter future for everyone.