About SEW

Powered by faith, teamwork and dedication to uplift Pakistan

Executive Members

Zaineb Asif


Ms. Zainab Asif started her journey with Baithak School Network as a volunteer Regional In-charge. Having started from grass root level, she is well aware of the harsh realities of slum areas and has equipped the BSN with the tools, to penetrate these areas and bring people towards empowerment and education.

Ayesha Salman

general secretary

Ms. Ayesha Salman has been selflessly involved with Baithak’s cause for the past 13 years. She has worked at various management levels, managing the finances, donors, IT, etc. She currently manages and organizes all departmental-level concerns.

Dr Amanullah Khan

Chairman Advisory Board

Dr Amanullah Khan is CEO at IQVIA Pakistan and also leads many humanitarian and education related projects. His acumen, insight and compassion of working to uplift slums through education.

Dr Intikhab Taufiq

Advisory Board Member

Dr Intikhab Taufiq is an active member of Baithak’s family. Even with a hectic schedule of as orthopaedic HoD at LNH, he serves as an ambassador for Baithak School Network and keeps management and donors connected and informed.

MS. Moina Grami


Ms. Moina Grami brought with her a vast knowledge of teaching and training experience, having served in Armed Forces school for a great length of her career. Her specialty is literature, both Urdu and English. She has written down guides and work books for teachers and students with special emphasis on character building exercises 

Mr. Humayun Qureshi

Managing Committee Member

Mr Humayun Qureshi is the lead IT strategist at Baithak School Network. He has been offering specialized IT advice to Baithak for the past ten years. Most of our school and Head Office workload has been digitalized thanks to his expertise in putting systems and controls in place.

Mr. M. Haroon Qassim


Our kind patron, Mr. Haroon Qassim, makes sure that education reaches the most underserved and worthy segment of our community. He has been associated with Baithak School Network since its inception. He is well-known in the pharmaceutical business, currently he is MD at PharmEVO, and previously he served as Chairman of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.

Mr. Khalid shah khan


Mr Khalid Shah Khan, our generous donor, is MD of Frontline Marketing. He has been a strong supporter of Baithak School Network and provides invaluable advice and services to the organization’s management. 

Mr Syed Jamshed Ahmed

Managing Committee Member

Since the beginning, Mr. Syed Jamshed, CEO of PharmEVO, has been a steadfast supporter of Baithak School Network. He has served as the organization’s mentor and counsellor through various difficulties.

Mr. Imran Hadi

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Imran Hadi is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan (ICAP). He now runs his own Consultancy after working for several multinational corporations. Having witnessed the plight of slum dwellers, he believes that education is the only solution and has advocated for Baithak’s cause on all available platforms.


Mr. Marghoob Shakir Izhar


Mr. Marghoob Shakir Izhar is the Director of Izhar group and manages overall financial matters of Izhar Group. He is also active on the social front. His contributions with Baithak School Network are enormous and he has always extended his services for the deserving in the time of need.

Dr. Zahid Asgher


Dr. Zahid Asgher MD is the Chief of Pathology at Doctors Hospital and is in charge of the Doctors Hospital Pathology Lab. He has long been a supporter of the Baithak School Network. His generous assistance has impacted the lives of countless children.