Dedication Towards The Underprivileged


Ms.Mehak Fida joined Baithak School in 2018 and her accomplishments in such a short duration speak volumes of her dedication and determination toward the cause of Education. She started her career in Sharafi Goth Bin Qasim, a locality marred by crime and drug abuse. She recalls the trials she faced during admission at Sharafi Goth School when children age 14 and 15 came to be admitted in primary classes, they could not even write their names properly or recite the Kalima.

. Upon seeing this grave situation of education dearth in the area she decided to dedicate her services to uplifting the neighborhood. There was a record admission of 300 students in 3 months since the school was established at Sharafi Goth in 2018.

The admission outpour was such that the management had to accommodate students’ second shift and also had to refuse admissions due to lack of capacity. To date Baithak School Sharafi Goth has not only maintained the admission count but also accomplished the quality of its teachers through capacity-building trainings subject-wise.

After being promoted to the Cluster Coordinator post, she visited Arkanabad School. During good times Arkanabad School had 90 pupils but in recent times admissions have dropped till 20, Ms.Mehak consistently visited the Arkanabad neighborhood, and organized school affairs and in 4 months time period the school’s admission stood at 83 students. Ms. Mehak embodies Baithak’s mission!