Every Cloud Has Silver Lining


Usman Kabeer, vending general items with his father on his small shop located in the under privileged area of Golrah, Islamabad, has recently passed his CA intermediate exams with flying colors. They are 3 brothers and 4 sisters, his mother stitches clothes at home to help his father making both ends meet.

“Usman is a very responsible son from an early age, he is always my biggest support in every situation even when I am not feeling well to look after the shop, it is Usman who takes over and never disappoints me”, says his Father.

He holds Baithak School in high esteem, lauding it for instilling ethical and moral values in his children besides basic education. He recalls, “Baithak School evolved as a glimmer of light in our society. As six of my children had their schooling done at Baithak and now my grandchild is also attending the same school.”

Usman shared proudly, “my elder Sister Ayesha, after graduating in the field of Arts, is carrying her duties as a vice principal in Baithak School, while my two younger sisters, Aaminah and Hafsah continued their tertiary education in the same field. Aaminah pursuing education as her career is also currently teaching in BS.” Usman states that his family stands out in the crowd with the best of moral values and training and have courage to face all challenges of life. He credits nurturing received at Baithak School for this.

We have high expectations of Usman and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.