Legacy of Mr. Umer Shaikh Honored in Commemorative Event by SEW

In a heartfelt commemorative event organized by the Society for Educational Welfare (SEW) Network, the life and dedication of Mr. Umer Shaikh, Founder of Baithak School Society of North America (BSSNA), were honored. Mr. Shaikh, a visionary committed to advancing education in Pakistan, left an indelible mark on the educational landscape of the nation.

Mr. Umer Shaikh’s journey began in 2001 when he was deeply moved by the dedication of teachers and the enthusiasm of students during a visit to Pakistan. Inspired by this experience, he rallied support to sponsor a school within the SEW Network. Over the years, his dedication and tireless efforts bore fruit as BSSNA expanded its support, now encompassing 47 schools and providing primary education to over 9000 children across Pakistan.

Last week, on the occasion of Mr. Umer Shaikh’s passing, SEW management organized a poignant event to commemorate his life and legacy. Attendees, including officials and members of SEW, paid heartfelt tributes to Mr. Shaikh’s unwavering commitment to the cause of education, particularly in the underserved areas of Pakistan.

Ms. Zaineb Asif, President of SEW, along with General Secretary Ms. Ayesha Amir and other officials, expressed their deepest condolences for the loss of Mr. Umer Shaikh. Dr. Nadeem Gill, President of BSSNA, reaffirmed the organization’s dedication to carrying forward Mr. Shaikh’s mission and ensuring that every child in Pakistan has access to quality education.

One of Mr. Umer Shaikh’s significant achievements was the registration of BSSNA as an official organization eligible for tax exemption under the 501C Act. This milestone solidifies BSSNA’s commitment to its mission and paves the way for further support and expansion of educational initiatives in Pakistan.

As the event concluded, Mr. Umer Shaikh’s legacy of creating an ‘Educated Pakistan’ remained a guiding light for all those who continue to work tirelessly towards this noble cause. Through the collective efforts of organizations like BSSNA and SEW, Mr. Shaikh’s vision of a brighter future for the children of Pakistan continues to thrive, ensuring that his legacy will endure for generations to come.