Ramadan’s Gift to the Future: A Night of Inspiration and Support!

Join us in celebrating the success of the “Ramadan’s Gift to the Future” program, hosted by Mr. Haroon Qassim!

This exceptional event included: A captivating talk on “Istaqbal e Ramadan” by Maulana Shahzaib Aijaz. An inspiring program introduction by Dr. Aman Ullah Khan, Chairman of the Baithak School Network’s Advisory Board. Ms. Haiya Saqib delivered a heartening presentation on Baithak’s progress. A compelling story of accomplishment from the slums to higher education recounted by Baithak grads, Mazhar and Iqra. Mr. M. Haroon Qassim expresses his deep gratitude to all attendance and praises Baithak Women Volunteers for their persistent work, devotion, and enthusiasm in moving this cause forward. Program participants honor and pray for our late BSSNA founder, Mr. Umer Shaikh, for his efforts to the cause. A heartfelt thanks you to Mr. M. Haroon Qassim for his kind hosting and to all of the participants for their continuous support. We can make Pakistan’s future brighter by working together to improve education!