Transforming Education: BSN-Dow85 Alliance for Haqqani Muhallah School

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) ceremony, signifying the partnership between Baithak School Network and Dow 85 Batch, for the sponsorship of Haqqani Muhallah School in District West Karachi, is truly a remarkable endeavor. It was held at the BSN Head Office and highlights the strong commitment of individuals like Dr. Nadeem Zafar, Dr. Aman Ullah Khan, Dr. Intikhab Taufiq, Dr. Rizwana Razi, and Dr. Humaira to the cause of education. Their active involvement showcases our sense of community and the shared dedication to making a positive impact on education. Together, we’re working towards improving educational opportunities for the students of Haqqani Muhallah School, and that’s truly commendable.